Vixy YouTube Embed

Easily embed YouTube videos and download links in your WordPress pages.

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Embed Videos with Simple Shortcodes

Once you've installed Vixy YouTube Embed, just insert a shortcode with the video ID to make a video appear on your page, like this:


Here's a sample video (showing how to install Vixy YouTube Embed). When you use this plug-in, it will appear like this:

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Earn Money With No Effort

Each embedded video can contain links for a basic, free video download service, or more a powerful video downloader and converter software product from Enter an affiliate identifier into your Vixy YouTube Embed setup, and when your visitors order a Jaksta product, you will receive on average $13 USD for each sale. All for just embedding a video. Learn more.

Tip: Watch the above video to see how Jaksta for Mac works.

Powerful Embedding Options

Vixy YouTube Embed has over 50 options for embedding, including:

Lots of Control

When installed, Vixy YouTube Embed presents a new YouTube menu within your WordPress control panel:


You can set up different profiles for different embed types. Options lets you control all of your video's appearance.

100% Free

Vixy YouTube Embed is completely free. There are no licenses or royalties. Get started today!